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Viewers to Volunteers ad for CBS features Weekend Balita columnist Jannelle So

Weekend Balita and US Asian Post columnist Jannelle So in TV ad for Viewers to Volunteers airing on CBS. Jannelle Viewers to Volunteers commercial

A scenic wedding in Mendocino for Lester Perkins and Jannelle So

Thursday (7/17/14) – As guests started arriving in Mendocino Coast, California, welcome bags greeted them at their respective rooms. Bride and groom personally dropped off bags at hotels and inns where guests decided to book their stay for the weekend. […]

Kababayan host Jannelle So is engaged!

The kababayan who’s usually on top of news and issues concerning the Filipino American community in Southern California and Hawaii recently felt “on top of the world” as she tweeted minutes after an engagement at the top of the 46-storey Heron […]

Jannelle So

Welcome to Jannelle’s page.  To view Jannelle’s blog, click here. Jannelle So is the only Filipina immigrant seen on television in the United States every day.  Jannelle continues to make a name for herself as the Host/Producer of America’s first […]

Kababayan LA’s host Jannelle So joins the Gawad Kalinga Family in a Mission to promote unity among Filipinos

Los Angeles, CA (March 31, 2012): Jannelle So has found true love! Two years after her broken engagement and eight years after moving to the United States, popular Southern California host/producer, Jannelle So, has finally found true love. And according […]

‘Time to be serious’ by Jannelle So

SO LA By Jannelle So I don’t remember much about the events surrounding the bloodless EDSA revolution in 1986. I was nine then, and all I can remember now was that the television was always on. It wasn’t airing regular […]

‘Realizations from the wheelchair’ by Jannelle So

SO LA By Jannelle So Realizations from the wheelchair According to a Harvard Study, accidents at home rank among the leading causes of death and injury in the United States. Sadly to me, it’s not just news that I can […]

‘The future always follows’ by Jannelle So

SO LA By Jannelle So “Kung hei fat choi! Gong cee fa tsai! Si nien kuwai le! Happy Lunar New Year!” I have always regarded (Chinese) Lunar New Year as a chance to do-over, to reset the game. Being the […]

So La – Graceful in the Big Apple (Part 2 of 2)

Samantha “Grasya” Lopez was a popular dancer/model/actor in the Philippines when she decided to leave everything behind and try her luck in the Big Apple. Fourteen years after the move, and now an accomplished realtor in Manhattan, she shares some […]

‘So Goes’

I love to travel. Who doesn’t? Whether it’s domestic, international, or even just local, exploring and discovering new places and things is an experience that definitely enriches one’s life. I have been blessed to have been given the chance to […]